ASEF Media Handbook

The ASEF Media Handbook is written for journalists by journalists. It is the result of exchanges between Asia-Europe media professionals. The Handbook tackles a specific area of journalism and its challenges. It also presents suggestions for better quality stories based on experiences and insights shared during the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) media programmes.

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ASEF 15th Anniversary

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TPA Asturianos por el Mundo: Singapur

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ASEF 15th Anniversary Ceremony

  This year marks the 15th anniversary of ASEF. A time to look back and cherish the successful outcomes of that cooperation between countries and regions. At the same time to celebrate the spirit of sharing and setting common goals for a future together. Join us for the a number of special projects and events:

Exposicion ASEM

  Connected Histories, Shared Future inspires a future in which Asia and Europe are equal partners. This exhibition looks ahead to a time when both regions appreciate each other’s importance and place in this world; where resources, spaces and ideas are shared as we overcome challenges to forge a cohesive future. Official Web



Seminario Igor Yurgens

Asia-Europe Foundation hosted the seminar, "Russia in the Next Decade and Cooperation with Asia" by Dr Igor Yurgens on 28 April 2011. Dr Yurgens, 58, is Chairman of the Institute of Contemporary Development, Russia's leading think-tank today. He is one of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's closest advisers on the economy. Dr Yurgens shared his insights on the current thinking of influential policy makers in Russia. He spoke for the "Medvedev Group," which is focused on moving Russia forward.

Conferencia Jacques Attali

As the global economy continues its recovery, there remains a need for effective global policy to address downside risks. Jacques Attali has written extensively on this, and his recent books include "A Brief History Of The Future" and "After The Crisis." His latest work examines how the world economy began its slide into a massive depression. He shared his knowledge at this lecture, and the audience had the opportunity to discuss his findings and pose questions to him.. Official Web

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